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Proposed Submission Core Strategy and Policies Development Plan Document Review

Representation ID: 5132

Received: 05/03/2015

Respondent: clive gissing

Legally compliant? Yes

Sound? No

Duty to co-operate? Yes

Representation Summary:

Do not drop the idea of an East Bank Relief Road as this is a better solution to traffic problems identified than a Northern Bypass. Consider an alternative route to the original plan to avoid the two main obstacles. Could extend it to a full Town Centre Relief Road/Orwell Bridge Bypass.

Full text:

I do not think that consideration of an East Bank Link Road should be removed from the Core Strategy as this seems a much better solution to the motor vehicle transport issues raised within 'CS20: Key Transport Proposals' than a Northern Bypass. An East Bank road could be built from the current Nacton interchange via a tunnel under Ravenswood and Gainsborough to join up with Landseer Road and the potential new Wet Dock crossing. This avoids the pitfalls of a new junction on the A14 and the the road being built through the Piper's Vale Country Park which was the other main objection to the original plan. With more ambition this road could be extended to a full Town Centre Relief Road/Orwell Bridge Bypass by continuing the road westward out of town alongside the railway/River Gipping (NB plenty of disused brownfield sites in the vicinity) to re-join the A14 at Sproughton (made all the easier now IBC own the old sugar beet works at Sproughton). An East Bank Link Road would also help deal with increased traffic into the town centre from all the potential housing developments lined up to the east of Ipswich around Martlesham and Kesgrave.