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Proposed Submission Core Strategy and Policies Development Plan Document Review

Representation ID: 5473

Received: 03/03/2015

Respondent: Northern Fringe Protection Group

Number of people: 323

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Sound? No

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Representation Summary:

ONS migration data used by the Council only extends to 2010/11, the latest ONS forecast shows no net migration from 2012-2031 for Ipswich. DCLG's February 2015 household projections suggest a need for 10,434 new homes. The baseline household figure used is too high. The Viability Report indicates 28% affordable housing for the Garden Suburb, the affordable housing target should not compromise delivery of other infrastructure. It is not clear whether the jobs target relates to Ipswich or the Ipswich Policy Area. How will jobs growth be measured? A higher population has been used to estimate jobs growth than population growth.

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