39 - SP6 Land allocated and protected as open space

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Site Allocations and Policies (incorporating IP-One Area Action Plan) DPD - Pre-Submission of Main Modifications

Representation ID: 24229

Received: 23/11/2015

Respondent: Martin Robeson & Partners Ltd (MRPP)

Agent: Martin Robeson & Partners Ltd (MRPP)

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Representation Summary:

IP047 Land at Commercial Road should continue to be identified as a commitment under Policy SP3 and should not be allocated under Policies SP2, SP5 and SP6. It benefits from planning permission for a mixed-use scheme that has been implemented. Re-identifying the site as an allocation is inconsistent with its treatment in previous versions of the Site Allocations DPD. In the event the Council disagrees, full consideration must be given to allocating the site for a mix of uses, including substantial new retail floorspace. Otherwise the allocation will fail to meet development needs and the Council's own retail objectives.

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