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Issues and Options for the Ipswich Local Plan Review

Representation ID: 25444

Received: 30/10/2017

Respondent: Suffolk County Council

Representation Summary:

The Plan will need to consider existing available school capacity and constraints as part of the approach to the spatial strategy and ensure that sufficient land is identified to meet needs for additional or expanded schools. It should also set out a framework for securing developer contributions/land. Specific local issues will exist, particularly in relation to primary schools, but secondary school needs will have to be considered at a strategic level looking across local authority boundaries. The range of spatial options and different scenarios for growth under consideration mean it isn't possible to set out an education strategy at this stage. In recognition of the role of early education in enhancing educational attainment and improving social mobility, the plan should consider how best to provide for early education alongside a growing population. The Plan will need to take relevant steps to support the proper provision of early education facilities to meet statutory requirements.

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