Issues and Options for the Ipswich Local Plan Review

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Issues and Options for the Ipswich Local Plan Review

Question 30:

Representation ID: 24951

Received: 27/10/2017

Respondent: Network Rail

Representation Summary:

Network Rail's Anglia Route Study (2016) looks to forecast growth to identify key areas for improvement for the next ten years, to enable the network to meet future needs up to 2043 (see: https://www.networkrail.co.uk/running-the-railway/long-term-planning/). We would welcome engagement throughout the development of an Infrastructure Delivery Plan to ensure rail enhancements are accurately captured and funding sources identified. Enhancements currently identified in Network Rail's strategic planning for investment include:
* Haughley Junction doubling, and
* Enhancement and Liverpool Street Station.
There is also an aspiration to enhance the East Suffolk Lines. In general, the need to close level crossings should also be considered where any development is likely to increase or change the nature of usage at a crossing. We would welcome a policy to support level crossing closures within the Local Plan.

Full text:

See attached letter and documents: Transforming Level Crossings 2015-2040, and Anglia Route Study March 2016.

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