Issues and Options for the Ipswich Local Plan Review

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Issues and Options for the Ipswich Local Plan Review

Question 79:

Representation ID: 25498

Received: 30/11/2017

Respondent: Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service

Representation Summary:

The Ipswich Local Plan needs to establish a framework which creates 'safe and accessible environments' (as set out in paragraph 69 of the NPPF). Fire safety is a relevant consideration, in respect of infrastructure needs, access by services to new development and water supply.
Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) undertakes an Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) every 3 years to evaluate the risks within our area and our response to them. Any large scale development would also be evaluated at the planning application stage. At the present time it is not envisaged that the scales and distributions of development in the emerging local plans would impact significantly on our emergency response, however, this would be kept under review using our IRMP process and may change due to specific developments in the future.
SFRS encourages the provision of automated fire suppression sprinkler systems in any new development as it not only affords enhanced life and property protection but if incorporated into the design/build stage it is extremely cost effective and efficient. SFRS will not have any objection with regard site access to specific developments, as long as access is in accordance with building regulation guidance. There will of course need to be adequate water supplies for firefighting, specific information as to the number and location can be obtained from our water officer via the normal consultation process.
These points on access and water can be managed at the planning application stage but the Local Plan could usefully identify the steps that developers need to take, for ensuring that proper access for emergency vehicles and water supplies can be made. A further beneficial step would be establishing a policy position for securing water supplies via condition and highlighting the several benefits of sprinkler systems in supporting text.

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