Preferred Options Site Allocations and Policies (incorporating IP-One Area Action Plan) DPD Review

Ended on the 13 March 2019
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Following adoption of the Local Plan review in February 2017, the Council has been cooperating in the production of an aligned local plan with the Councils that adjoin the borough boundaries and share in the same housing market with the town. The Council maintains the belief that the planning of our town is one of our key roles and as such we are, once again, pleased to set out our vision, objectives and strategy for the future development of Ipswich. It is vital that we maintain up to date policies that conform with national guidance so that we can protect and enhance the town's key assets. We continue to work for the town's future and seek to manage changes that benefit the town's existing residents, businesses and visitors.

We are pleased to set out within this document our draft policies and proposals for sites allocated for development in the town, and also other sites which we believe will benefit from protection from development.

The overarching framework for development in Ipswich Borough to 2036 is set out in the Preferred Options Draft Core Strategy and Policies Development Plan Document Review. The Draft Core Strategy Review also identifies Ipswich Garden Suburb as a strategic site for development in Ipswich, and the north end of Humber Doucy Lane as a broad location for future growth.

This Preferred Options Draft Site Allocations and Policies Development Plan Document adds the site-specific detail to that strategy across the whole Borough. It continues to incorporate the 'IP-One' area of central Ipswich. It is accompanied by an updated policies map, showing on an Ordnance Survey base map sites for development and sites for protection.

To find out more please see the Council website www.ipswich.gov.uk/localplan or contact the Planning Policy team at the Council via planningpolicy@ipswich.gov.uk or telephone number 01473 432019.

Councillor Carole Jones

Portfolio Holder for Development

November 2018

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