Draft Site Allocations and Policies (incorporating IP-One Area Action Plan) Development Plan Document

Ended on the 10 March 2014
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Appendix 2

A list of Policies Contained in this Document

Chapter 4 Area based Policies

Policy DM33 Green corridors
Policy DM34 The ecological network
Policy DM35 Countryside
Policy DM36 Employment areas
Policy DM37 District and Local Centres

Chapter 5 Site Allocations

Policy DM38 The protection of allocated sites
Policy DM39 Land allocated for housing
Policy DM40 Land with planning permission or awaiting a Section 106
Policy DM41 Land allocated for Gypsy and Traveller sites
Policy DM42 Land allocated for employment use
Policy DM43 Land allocated and protected as open space
Policy DM44 Land allocated for leisure uses or community facilities
Policy DM45 Safeguarding land on development sites for transport infrastructure
Policy DM46 Port of Ipswich

Chapter 6 IP-One

Policy DM47 Central Shopping Area
Policy DM48 Primary, Secondary and Speciality Shopping Areas and Frontages
Policy DM49 Retail Site Allocation
Policy DM50 District and Local Centres within IP-One
Policy DM51 Town Centre Boundary
Policy DM52 The Waterfront
Policy DM53 Education Quarter
Policy DM54 Arts, Culture and Tourism
Policy DM55 Improving pedestrian and cycle routes
Policy DM56 Transport Proposals in IP-One
Policy DM57 Town Centre Parking

Chapter 7 Opportunity Areas

This chapter sets out urban design and development principles for the six Opportunity Areas:

A Island Site
B Merchant Quarter
C Mint Quarter and surrounding area
D Education Quarter and surrounding area
E Westgate
F River Corridor and Princes Street Corridor
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