Draft Site Allocations and Policies (incorporating IP-One Area Action Plan) Development Plan Document

Ended on the 10 March 2014
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Chapter 5: Site Allocations

5.1 The focused review Core Strategy identifies targets for housing, jobs and retail growth through policies CS7, CS13 and CS14. This chapter sets out the site allocations to deliver some of that growth. Other Core Strategy Policies also address the matter, for example CS10 Ipswich Northern Fringe. Ipswich town centre is dealt with in Chapter 6 ‘IP-One’, with the exception of housing, employment, mixed use and community facility site allocations which are addressed below.

5.2 The threshold size for making allocations is 0.1ha or 10 dwellings in the IP-One Area, and 0.2ha or 10 dwellings in the rest of the Borough. Sites below these thresholds are not allocated but may come forward. They are accounted for in supply calculations through small sites allowances (where they already have planning permission) or windfall allowances.

Policy DM38 The protection of allocated sites

5.3 This policy introduces measures to reserve allocated sites for the uses proposed and thereby means any alternative uses would be a departure from the development plan.

(2) Policy DM38 The protection of allocated sites

Sites will be safeguarded for the use(s) for which they have been allocated. The Council will only permit alternative uses on allocated sites if they are compatible with other plan objectives, they do not harm the plan strategy and the applicant can demonstrate that the allocated use is:

  1. No longer needed to meet planned development needs; and
  2. Not viable or deliverable for the allocated use and likely to remain so during the plan period.

5.4 The Council has specific requirements for the delivery of housing, jobs and retail development in the period up to 2031. Sites are allocated in this plan to enable the targets to be met. The allocations need to be backed by policy to ensure that they can not easily be developed for alternative uses and thereby harm the Council’s ability to achieve its growth targets.

Policy DM39 Land allocated for housing

5.5 Through focused review Core Strategy policy CS7 ‘The Amount of Housing Required’, the Council commits to allocating land to provide at least an additional 5,909 dwellings net to 2031. The following policies provide the detailed site allocations to deliver a proportion of that housing requirement.

(13) Policy DM39 Land allocated for housing

The following sites are allocated for residential development, or part residential development within mixed use developments as indicated in Table 1:

Table 1 Land allocated for residential use

Site ref. Site name and development description Site size ha (% residential on mixed use sites) Indicative capacity (homes) Capacity evidence Likely delivery timescale (S, M, L)
IP004 Bus depot, Sir Alf Ramsey Way
50% residential use, 50% B1 office use; historic depot to be retained and converted as part of B1.
1.07 (c. 50%) 59 110dph (DM30a) M
IP005 Former Tooks Bakery, Old Norwich Road
80% residential and c. 20% is safeguarded for the provision of a new health centre
2.79 (c. 80%) 100 45dph (Development Brief) S
IP006 Coop Warehouse, Pauls Road 0.63 28 45dph as in IP-One area M
IP009 Victoria Nurseries, Westerfield Road 0.39 14 35dph (DM30c) S
IP010a Co-op Depot, Felixstowe Road
Approximately 20% of the site is safeguarded for an extension to Rosehill School
2.73 (c.80%) 98 45dph (DM30b) M
IP010b Felixstowe Road
Current uses retained on 40% of site
2.79 (c. 60%) 75 45dph (DM30b) M
IP11b Smart Street, Foundation Street
Allocated for mixed use development consisting of 80% residential and 20% B1 business
0.69 (c. 80%) 61 110dph (DM30a) M
IP012 Peter’s Ice Cream 0.32 35 110dph
(DM30a) 08/00978/FUL (student accommodation awaiting S106)
IP015 West End Road Surface Car Park
Allocated for 20% residential plus long stay car parking and 10% B1 office use
1.21 (c. 20%) 27 110dph (DM30a) M
IP029 Land opposite 674-734 Bramford Road
Allocated for 70% residential and 30% open space
2.26 (c. 70%) 71 45dph (DM30c). Higher than average density appropriate in this location. S (temporary use of site until April 2014)
IP031 Burrell Road 0.43 19 45dph
IP032 King George V Field, Old Norwich Road
Allocated for 80% residential and 20% open space
3.54 (c. 80%) 99 35dph (Development Brief) S/M
IP033 Land at Bramford Road (Stocks site)
Allocated for 50% residential and 50% open space
2.04 (50%) 46 45dph
Medium – SHLAA / DM30b
IP037 Island Site
Allocated for 50% Housing, 30% employment and leisure, 15% open space, 5% small scale retail/café/restaurant. Consider the need for a masterplan on this site given its significance. See also Opportunity Area development principles and guidelines in Part C. Additional vehicular and foot/cycle access will need to be provided to enable the site’s development.
6.02 (c. 50%) 271 90dph (DM30a lower end of range) M
IP039a Land between Gower Street & Gt Whip Street 0.48 43 90dph (DM30a low end of range) M
IP040 and IP041 Civic Centre Area / Civic Drive
This site is primarily allocated for 80% retail development but will incorporate some residential e.g. over retail uses
1.31 (20%) 29 110dph (DM30a)
08/00806/FUL (pending- 11 dwellings on part)
IP043 Commercial Buildings and Jewish Burial Ground, Star Lane 0.70 (80%) 61 90dph (DM30a)
11/00267/FUL (pending) 65 student rooms
IP048 Mint Quarter / Cox Lane regeneration area
Residential development to the east of Cox Lane, retaining the locally listed façade to Carr Street. Development to include new public open space and short stay parking in a medium sized multi-storey car park (location in relation to Cox Lane to be determined). A development brief for the whole site will be prepared but development will come forward incrementally.
1.35 (c. 60%) 73 DM30a but lower end of range M
IP054 Land between Old Cattle Market and Star Lane
The part of the site to the west of Turret Lane is allocated primarily for residential use. The remaining 70% is allocated for office, leisure possible short stay car parking, some small scale retail and an extended or replacement electricity sub station.
1.72 (30%) 28 55dph
High density area but flats and town houses would fit the character.
Hence density upper end of medium range).
IP059a Elton Park Industrial Estate, Hadleigh Road
This is the western part of the employment area, formerly occupied by a factory. The eastern part adjacent to railway is retained as employment area.
2.63 105 40dph
08/00365/OUT (withdrawn - (130 dwellings).
DM30b to c may be more appropriate in this location.
IP061 Former School Site, Lavenham Road
Allocated for part development (70%) on the basis of improving the remainder (30%) of the open space.
1.08 (70%) 30 DM30 b.- c. S
IP065 Former 405 Club, Bader Close 3.22 108 Application submitted May 2013. S
IP066 JJ Wilson, White Elm Street
This site includes the land to the west
0.32 14 45dph (DM30b). M
IP080 240 Wherstead Road 0.49 27 55dph (DM30b). Linear layout would allow for slightly higher than average density. S
IP089 Waterworks Street 0.31 29 110dph less 5 existing units. (DM30a). M
IP096 Car Park Handford Road East 0.22 24 110dph (DM30a) S
IP098 Transco, south of Patteson Road 0.57 63 110dph (DM30a) S
IP105 Depot, Beaconsfield Road 0.33 15 45dph (DM30b) M
IP116 St Clement’s Hospital Grounds 12.51 227 Discussions with developer S
IP121 Front of pumping station, Belstead Road 0.60 27 45dph (DM30b) M
IP131 488-496 Woodbridge Road / Milton Street 0.29 13 DM30b M
IP136 Silo, College Street 0.16 (c. 80%) 21 165dph (DM30a and higher than average density consistent with other schemes along Quay) L
IP142 Land at Duke Street
To also accommodate some public open space provision (25%)
0.39 (75%) 32 DM30a M
IP165 Eastway Business Park, Europa Way 2.08 100 Discussion with developer following pp expiry for 218 dwellings (05/00893/FUL) S
IP172 15-19 St Margaret’s Plain
Residential led mixed use with town centre uses excluding retail
0.08 9 Planning permission for student accommo-dation lapsed
IP175 47-51 Waveney Road 0.15 12 05/00685/OUT (expired) S
IP188 Websters Saleyard site, Dock Street 0.11 9 110dph (DM30a) & landowner’s update. Planning permission for 3no. dwellings on part of site (13/00069/FUL). S
IP221 Flying Horse PH, 4 Waterford Road
Pub to be retained and housing provided on land to rear
0.35 (50%) 6 06/01007/FUL (expired)
DM30 c.
IP150c Land south of Ravenswood 4.62 162 DM30 c. low density to reflect peripheral location S
IP256 Artificial hockey pitch, Ipswich Sports Club, subject to the requirements of policy DM28 being met 0.6 30 DM30 c. M
IP257 Land at Felixstowe Road east of Malvern Close,
Subject to the requirements of DM32 being met
0.78 27 DM30 c.It is within 800m of district centre but Coop site will deliver some flats so expect slightly lower density here. M
IP259 Former Holywells High School, subject to its being declared redundant. Sports facilities to be retained. 1.82 82 DM30 b. as within 800m of Nacton Rd District Centre M

5.6 The Council is required to ensure that the Ipswich Local Plan meets the full, objectively assessed needs for market and affordable housing in the housing market area as far as is consistent with policies in the National Planning Policy Framework10. The focused review Core Strategy sets out the revised housing requirement for the Borough of 13,550. The sites allocated in this policy indicate how the Council intends to meet part of that requirement.

5.7 The indicative capacity of the sites listed in the policy above is 2,409 dwellings. These will contribute to meeting the housing target of 5,909 dwellings required as identified through Policy CS7 of the Core Strategy focused review. In addition, the Core Strategy allocates land for the development of 3,500 dwellings at Ipswich Garden Suburb (the Ipswich Northern Fringe) through policy CS10. The housing land requirement and supply figures are set out in Table 2 of the Core Strategy focused review.

5.8 Within mixed use schemes, the Council will expect the proportion of housing to be within + or -5% of the proportion indicated in the policy. Housing delivery will be closely monitored through the Authority Monitoring Report. Appendix 3 provides additional information about the sites allocated through this policy.

Policy DM40 Land with planning permission or awaiting a Section 106

5.9 There are sites in the Borough which currently:

  • have planning permission for schemes that have not commenced to date; or
  • have planning permission for residential schemes that have commenced and stalled; or
  • have a committee resolution to grant planning permission but await the signing of a Section 106 Agreement; or
  • have planning permission for student accommodation but have not commenced to date.

5.10 Such sites form an important potential supply of housing land, but given changes in the market the schemes originally envisaged may not come forward. Therefore, policy needs to be put in place to guide the potential future development of the sites and safeguard or allocate them for residential use, should the planning permissions fail to be issued or implemented or the development fail to be completed as originally envisaged.

(3) Policy DM40 Land with planning permission or awaiting a Section 106 Agreement

As at 1st April 2013, the sites listed in Table 2 below have planning permission for residential development, student accommodation or mixed use development including residential use, which has not been implemented or has started and then stalled, or are awaiting the completion of a Section 106 Agreement. Should the permissions fail to be issued or implemented and lapse during the plan period or the development fail to come forward or be completed in accordance with the permission, the Council will protect the sites for residential use or residential-led mixed use.

Table 2 Sites with planning permission or awaiting a Section 106 Agreement

Site Address and current situation Site area ha (% for residential) Capa-city Evidence Time-scale
IP11a Smart Street, Foundation Street (former Gym & Trim) 0.16 17 11/00572/VC granted 25/10/11
IP016 Funeral Directors, Suffolk Road 1.04 14 12/00895/REM granted 25/1/13 S
IP042 Land between Cliff Quay and Landseer Road 3.78 36 12/00700/OUT (pending)
committee resolution March 2013
IP052 Land between Lower Orwell Street & Star Lane (former Essex Furniture) 0.40 44 12/00811/VC
(28/1/13) - 132 student rooms
DM30a applied
IP059b Arclion House, Hadleigh Road 0.34 18 10/00823/FUL
IP074 Church and land at Upper Orwell Street 0.31 12 10/00056/VC S
IP084 County Hall, St Helen’s Street 0.84 50 05/00641/FUL (79 in total, 28 complete April 2012) S
IP088 79 Cauldwell Hall Road 0.30 16 12/00114/VC S
IP090 Europa Way 1.43 142 11/00334/VC S/M
IP109 R/O Jupiter Road & Reading Road 0.42 13 12/00192/FUL (pending) S
IP129 BT Depot, Woodbridge Road 1.07 39 12/00654/OUT (pending) S
IP130 South of South Street 0.22 11 05/00792/FUL,
10/00609/FUL & 10/00628/FUL
IP132 Former St Peter’s Warehouse Site 4 Bridge Street. 0.18 64 10/00343/FUL S
IP133 South of Felaw Street 0.41 47 10/00418/VC S
IP135 112-116 Bramford Road 0.17 24 11/00247/VC S
IP150a Ravenswood S & T (adjacent Fen Bight Circle) 4.1 78 07/00765/OUT & 08/00246/REM for part of outline site (155 in total, 25 completed April 2012) S
IP169 23-25 Burrell Road 0.08 14 12/00087/FUL S
IP176 7-9 Woodbridge Road 0.05 14 12/00101/FUL S
IP178 Island House, Duke Street 0.09 9 11/00414/FUL
31 (student)
IP200 Griffin Wharf, Bath Street 0.79 132 05/00819/FUL,
11/00432/FUL &
11/00507/FUL (418 in total, 113 completed April 2012)
IP205 Burton’s, College Street 0.19 125 02/01241/FUL (196 in total, 71 completed April 2012) S-M
IP206 Cranfields, College Street 0.71 142 04/00313/FUL (337 in total, 195 completed April 2012) S
IP209 158 Foxhall Road 0.19 5 04/01261/FUL &
07/00229/FUL (11 in total, 6 completed April 2012)
IP211 Regatta Quay, Key Street
(subject to further discussions with agent)
0.85 226 05/00296/FUL, 07/00357/FUL & 07/00358/FUL (315 in total, 89 completed April 2012) S-M
IP214 300 Old Foundry Road 0.02 11 10/00805/VC S
IP215 7-15 Queen Street 0.09 12 06/00032/FUL (all of site – expired) & 11/00127/FUL (part of site) S
IP223 Hayhill Road/Woodbridge Road 6.58 (part) 111 07/00123/FUL & 09/00612/FUL (304 in total, 167 completed April 2012) S
IP245 12-12a Arcade Street 0.06 14 12/00869/VC S
IP246 158-160 London Road 0.06 13 09/00213/FUL S
IP253 Electric House Crown Street - 13 12/00008 approved 15/8/12 S
IP226 Helena Road 1.87 566 04/01173/FUL (pending) M

5.11 Sites with planning permission or a resolution to grant planning permission would not normally be allocated through a development plan, as the expectation is that in normal market conditions they would come forward for development in due course. Two specific circumstances have led to the policy’s inclusion in the plan:

  • The number of permitted schemes for student accommodation, some of which the Council considers unlikely to come forward; and
  • The number of schemes for high density flats within IP-One, which have been affected by weak market conditions and may be revised to slightly lower density schemes. The trend towards lower densities has been observed on other sites within the Ipswich housing market, for example at Griffin Wharf.

5.12 It is considered that these issues will have a marginal and/or temporary effect over the whole plan period. Nevertheless the Council’s concern is to retain the principle of residential or residential-led mixed use on the sites, which form an important element of the housing land supply.

5.13 The sites with planning permission for residential development listed in the policy above have already been included in supply calculations in focused review Core Strategy Table 2 and, therefore, are not counted again here. The sites with planning permission for student accommodation have not been counted in the supply. The delivery of the sites will be closely monitored through the Authority Monitoring Report.

5.14 The success of University Campus Suffolk is a priority for the Council. Sufficient student accommodation is needed to support the University’s targets for student numbers and ensure that potential impacts on residential neighbourhoods can be managed. The University is not a direct provider of bespoke student accommodation, but relies on the market to make provision, which the University accredits if appropriate. Therefore the University’s approach to provision by developers is to accredit accommodation up to the number of bed spaces needed, but not beyond.

5.15 Experience in Ipswich to date indicates that there are more student bed spaces with planning permission than the University needs. The sites with unimplemented planning permission for student accommodation have not been counted in the housing land supply, in accordance with government advice. However they would be counted as completions once built. If planning permissions for student accommodation are not implemented, the Council will encourage the alternative development of the sites for housing use not limited to students, on the basis that the market for student accommodation is saturated. This is the source of some of the land included in housing calculations as a windfall allowance for years 3-15 of the plan period.

Policy DM41 Land allocated for Gypsy and Traveller sites

5.16 National Planning Policy for Traveller Sites 2012 requires local planning authorities to work together to set pitch targets for Gypsies and Travellers and plot targets for travelling showpeople, which address the likely permanent and transit site accommodation needs of Travellers in their area. The following policy addresses this requirement.

(19) Policy DM41 Land allocated for Gypsy and Traveller sites

Sites currently used by Gypsies and Travellers are identified on the policies map and are protected for that use. Land is allocated for a permanent Gypsy and Traveller site to meet existing and identified future needs for the next 5 years, in accordance with the draft Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment, at:

Site IP261 Land at River Hill - a new site of 0.3 ha to accommodate 5 pitches.

The Council will work with neighbouring authorities to identify suitable sites to meet future needs arising in Ipswich as identified by the GTAA (2013) for years 6 to 15 within the Ipswich Policy Area. Should sites fail to be identified to meet this need by 2017, this policy will be reviewed immediately to ensure a continuous 5 year supply of sites in accordance with national policy.

Applications for the provision of permanent pitches in other locations will be considered against the following criteria:

  1. The existing level of local provision and need for sites;
  2. The availability (or lack) of alternative accommodation for the applicants;
  3. Other personal circumstances of the applicant, including the proposed occupants must meet the definition of Gypsy or Traveller; and
  4. Criteria a, b and c set out in Core Strategy Policy CS11.

The Council will work with neighbouring authorities to meet transit provision needs as identified through the GTAA.

5.17 Ipswich currently contains two sites for Gypsies and Travellers, at West Meadow (41 pitches) and Henniker Road (2 pitches). These are shown on the policies map.

5.18 An assessment of the accommodation needs of Gypsies and Travellers (GTAA) in East Suffolk is being carried out jointly by Ipswich Borough Council, Mid Suffolk District Council, Suffolk Coastal District Council, Waveney District Council and Babergh District Council. The initial indications in the draft GTAA demonstrate there is a need for additional permanent pitches to be provided between 2012 and 2027. In order to meet this expected need, the Council has allocated a small family sized site providing 5 pitches to meet needs for the period 2012 to 2017. The pitches could be provided publicly or privately, but the Council is required to address the need through identifying sites to meet it.

5.19 For the period 2017-2027, need is expected to be met jointly with neighbouring authorities through the allocation of sites in the Ipswich Policy Area, in accordance with Core Strategy policy CS11. This cross-boundary approach gives flexibility in identification of sites, as there are limited opportunities within the Borough boundary to meet needs given its tight administrative boundaries and its high housing target. This approach accords with Government policy.

5.20 The Council is committed to delivering joint transit provision in accordance with Core Strategy policy CS11. This need requirement will be updated by the GTAA. Provision is also expected to be met beyond the Borough boundary, in order to meet need arising in the Felixstowe area and to accord with criteria to be located on a trunk road corridor.

5.21 The Council will seek to provide for the needs of Travellers requiring a mixed residential and business use site by allocating suitable sites, and where this is not possible by providing separate sites for residential and business purposes in close proximity.

5.22 National policy indicates that the number of pitches or plots should be related to the circumstances of the specific size and location of the site and the surrounding population’s size and density. The Ipswich Housing Strategy indicates that the preferred form of provision is pitches in small family groups – typically a site containing about 6 pitches. Thus the Council expects the provision to take the form of smaller site(s) over the plan period to 2027, located within Ipswich Policy Area.

5.23 The site(s) allocated will be considered against the criteria set out in Core Strategy policy CS11 and Planning Policy for Traveller Sites 2012.

Policy DM42 Land allocated for employment use

5.24 Core Strategy Policy CS13 refers to the allocation of at least 30ha of employment land across the Borough to deliver jobs growth. The following policy addresses this requirement.

(8) Policy DM42 Land allocated for employment use

The following sites are allocated for employment development within Use Classes B1, B2 or B8, either in their entirety or as part of mixed use developments as specified in Table 3:

Table 3 Land allocated for employment uses

Site Address Site Area ha Notes
Sites for 100% employment uses (B1, B2, B8)
IP058 Former Volvo site, Raeburn Rd South 5.82 Suitable for B1, B2 or B8
IP067 Former British Energy Site 5.25 Suitable for B1, B2 or B8
IP094 Land to rear of Grafton House 0.31 Suitable for B1
IP099 Part of former Volvo Site, Raeburn Road South 2.30 Suitable for B1, B2 or B8
IP140b Land north of Whitton Lane 5.92 Suitable primarily for B1 with some B2 and B8.
Delivery expected in the medium to long term (dependent on access improvements). Should be planned comprehensively as part of a larger scheme with adjacent land in Mid Suffolk but the two areas could come forward in phases.
Subject to suitable access being provided.
IP146 Ransomes Europark (east)/Land around Makro 5.29 Suitable for B1, B2 or B8
Development shall design in wildlife corridors to maintain a linked network of habitats including the lagoon and the plantation.
IP147 Land between railway junction and Hadleigh Road 4.7 Suitable for B1, B2 or B8 (excluding office use) – will need access improvements
IP152 Airport Farm Kennels 7.37 A site for longer term development subject to access improvements
Sub total
Land allocated for employment uses with a mix of other uses
(site area reduced accordingly although development may occupy entire ground floor of a multi-storey development, for example)
IP004 Bus depot Sir Alf Ramsey Way 1.07 (50%) = 0.53 50% employment as part of mixed use scheme with housing
IP011b Smart St / Foundation St 0.69 (20%) = 0.14 As part of mixed use scheme with housing
IP015 West End Road surface car park 1.22 (10%) = 0.12 As part of mixed use scheme with car parking and some housing
IP035 Key Street / Star Lane / Burtons (St Peter Port) 0.54 (30%) = 0.16 As part of mixed use scheme with B1 office, hotel, small scale retail and car parking
IP037 Island Site 6.02 (30%) = 1.8 B1 uses compatible with housing expected as part of mixed use redevelopment, plus the retention of boat related uses.
Consider the need for a masterplan on this site given its significance. See also Opportunity Area development principles and guidelines in Part C. Additional vehicular and foot/cycle access will need to be provided to enable the site’s development.
IP043 Commercial Buildings & Jewish Burial Ground Star Lane 0.70 (20%) = 0.14 Suitable for B1 / leisure as within the town centre boundary, as part of a mixed use development with housing
IP051 Old Cattle Market Portman Road 2.21 (80%) = 1.77 Prime town centre site for new B1 office development
80% B1 and 20% main town centre uses such as hotel / leisure (excluding retail). Numerically like for like replacement of existing long-stay car parking provision in this area will be required prior to the parking being lost. Offices with large floor plates in an office campus design approach are likely to be developed.
IP052 Land between Lower Orwell St & Star Lane 0.40 (20%) = 0.08 As part of mixed use scheme with housing
IP054 Land between Old Cattle Market & star Lane 1.72 (70%) = 1.2 A key site linking the shopping centre and Waterfront - mixed use including significant B1 office to east of Turret Lane – may also need to provide for an extended electricity sub station. Could include some short stay car parking.
Sub total

5.25 The availability of land and buildings is an important factor in economic development and job creation, not just in terms of quantity but also the range of sites available and choice offered in terms of quality and location.

5.26 The National Planning Policy Framework states that planning policies should avoid the long term protection of allocated employment sites where there is no reasonable prospect of the site being used for that purpose (paragraph 22). Several sites allocated above have been safeguarded for employment use since the Local Plan was adopted in 1997, but have not come forward.

5.27 All the allocated sites have been reviewed and only those included where the Council is confident development can be delivered over the plan period and where the Employment Land Review 2009 concludes that the sites are of good quality. The Council has investigated the constraints affecting such sites and will be proactive in supporting their delivery.

5.28 A key vehicle to assist in delivery is the Suffolk Growth Strategy. This identifies sites including those at Ransomes, Hadleigh Road and Sandyhill Lane/Raeburn Road as strategic sites for the Borough. These will be targeted for assistance needed to overcome the barriers to their development.

5.29 Focused review Core Strategy Policy CS13 sets a target of 12,500 jobs to be provided 2011-2031 through a number of measures, including the allocation of at least 30ha of land for employment development.

5.30 The sectors forecast to grow in Suffolk11 are: energy, advanced manufacturing, information and communication technology (ICT), finance, food, drink and agriculture, ports and logistics, tourism, creative and cultural industries and biotechnology. Several of these sectors have a strong base in Ipswich. As well as allocating land for employment development, the Council is encouraging jobs growth in Ipswich through its Economic Strategy and work with the Suffolk Growth Group and New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership.

5.31 The sites allocated are reserved for Class B uses as identified in the Use Classes Order 1987 (as amended and updated), other than where a mix is specified in Table 3 above. Appendix 3 provides additional information about the sites allocated through this policy.

Policy DM43: Land allocated and protected as open space

5.32 Open space is essential to the quality of life in Ipswich. Core Strategy policies CS16 and DM28 protect open spaces and the policy below adds further detail to this by identifying sites and allocating new open spaces.

(5) Policy DM43 Land allocated and protected as open space

Existing open spaces are defined on the policies map. Within the defined open spaces, Core Strategy policy DM28 shall apply.

Site IP083 Banks of the river upriver from Princes Street is allocated for public open space. The site may also provide a small amount of housing planned comprehensively with site IP015 West End Road Surface Car Park, provided 80% of site IP083 remains open. Any development shall retain the river path and its setting.

Site IP263 West of Bridge Street, north of the River Orwell is allocated for public open space.

Development of the following sites shall include more than the standard amount of public open space, as specified in Table 4 below:

Table 4: List of sites proposed for a mix of uses including open space

Site Address Preferred Options Ref %Open Space %Other Uses
IP029 Land opposite 674-734 Bramford Rd UC030 30% Open Space 70% Housing
IP032 King George V Field, Old Norwich Rd UC033 20% Open space/playing pitches 80% Housing
IP033 Land at Bramford Rd
(Stocks Site)
UC034 50% Open Space 50% Housing
IP037 Island Site UC038 15% Open Space 50% Housing, 30% employment and leisure, 5% small scale retail/café/restaurant
IP048 Mint Quarter / Cox lane Regeneration Area UC051 40% open space – could span the parts of the site east & west of Cox Lane (and car parking). 60% Housing.
IP116 St Clements Hospital Grounds UC185 20% Open Space 80% Housing
IP142 Land at Duke Street UC259 25% open space 75% Housing
IP061 Former school site Lavenham Road UC064 30% Open Space 70% Housing – development to deliver improvement to remainder of open space

5.33 On some sites there is a requirement to provide more than the standard amount of open space. This may be because the land is currently used as open space and therefore the loss needs to be compensated through improvements to what remains, or because the land is in effect used as open space even though it has previously been earmarked for development, and is in an area of open space deficit. Improvements to the remainder of the open space could include making it more usable, accessible, biodiverse or multi-functional.

5.34 Paragraph 8.174 of the Core Strategy indicates broadly which areas of the Borough are short of open space against the current standards. There are no parts of the Borough which currently have a surplus of all types of open space. Site IP083 is located at the boundary of the Central and South West areas. The Central area currently has a significant deficit of natural and semi-natural green space.

5.35 The open spaces protected by this policy include all the different types shown on the policies map including playing fields, allotments and country parks.

5.36 The Waterfront does not currently have public open green space provision. This is addressed through the policy by allocating land for this use at site IP263 and within the Island Site redevelopment. Appendix 3 provides additional information about the sites allocated through this policy.

Policy DM44: Land allocated for leisure uses or community facilities

(8) Policy DM44: Land allocated for leisure uses or community facilities

Land is allocated for leisure uses or community facilities as specified in Table 5 below, on stand alone sites or as part of larger development sites:

Table 5: List of sites proposed for leisure uses or community facilities

Site Address Preferred Options ref. % Community facilities / leisure Community or leisure use % Other Uses
IP005 Former Tooks Bakery, Old Norwich Rd
As part of a residential-led mixed use redevelopment
UC005 20% Health centre 80% Housing
IP010a Co-op Depot, Felixstowe Rd
As part of a residential development
UC010 20% Primary school extension 80% Housing
New site IP258 Land at University Campus Suffolk
As part of the Education Quarter
- 1.89ha New primary school Education Quarter
IP150 part Land at Ravenswood UC267 part 100% Sports park comprising cycle track and pitch facilities
IP149 Pond Hall Carr and Farm UC266 100% Country Park and Visitor Centre
IP260 The former Odeon Cinema
100% Leisure uses to complement the Regent

5.37 It is essential that community facilities are provided to keep pace with the growth in Ipswich’s population. Ipswich Borough Council liaises closely with infrastructure and services providers, including Suffolk County Council and the Health Trusts, in order to identify the need for facilities for which land may need to be identified and safeguarded.

5.38 The Borough is seeing a rapid rise in the number of primary school aged children and therefore it is important to make adequate provision for new and expanded education facilities over the plan period.

5.39 The full infrastructure needs of the Borough are being identified and costed in an Infrastructure Delivery Plan as a stepping stone towards putting in place a Community Infrastructure Levy for Ipswich. Key infrastructure is identified through Chapter 10 of the Core Strategy focused review, which will be supported by a separate Infrastructure Delivery Plan.

5.40 It is also important to plan for leisure uses that will be delivered over the plan period, whether they are on Council–owned or private land. The Sports Park at Ravenswood is a proposal for an outdoor cycling facility, incorporating sports pitches. The former Odeon Cinema in the town centre is well placed next to the Regent for new leisure uses to complement the theatre.

5.41 The Appropriate Assessment to the adopted Core Strategy advised that visitor management measures were needed at Bridge Wood to protect the Orwell Estuary Special Protection Area. Pond Hall Farm offers the ideal opportunity to provide a visitor centre in the medium to long term, to raise visitor awareness of the potential impacts of disturbance on over wintering birds on the estuary and to draw visitors away from the foreshore.

5.42 The need for community infrastructure associated with the Northern Fringe development is dealt with through the Core Strategy and supplementary planning document. Appendix 3 provides additional information about the sites allocated through this policy.

Policy DM45 Safeguarding land on development sites for transport infrastructure

(5) Policy DM45 Safeguarding land on development sites for transport infrastructure

Development of the following sites for the uses allocated through other policies in this plan shall incorporate provision for transport infrastructure, as specified in Table 6 below:

Table 6: List of development sites which will include provision for transport infrastructure

Site Address Preferred Options ref Site Area (ha) Allocation
IP059a Land at Elton Park Works UC062 2.63 Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge to link to the river path on the northern bank
IP140a Land north of Whitton Lane UC257 1.01 Extension to Bury Road park and ride
IP037 Island Site UC038 6.02 Additional vehicular access needed to enable the site’s development.
Additional cycle and pedestrian connections also required in accordance with policy DM55.

5.43 It is important that provision is made for needed transport infrastructure within certain development sites. The River Strategy identifies the aim of providing a river crossing between Hadleigh Road and Boss Hall for pedestrians and cyclists. The Elton Park site is considered the most suitable location to link up with future development at the Former Sugar Beet Factory site in Babergh.

5.44 The park and ride site at Bury Road is currently disused, but the Council remains committed to bringing it back into service to intercept traffic entering the town east bound from the A14 in the north-west of the Borough. Park and ride fulfils an important role in supporting Travel Ipswich and providing public transport choices to those travelling into Ipswich from elsewhere.

5.45 The Island site is an outstanding development opportunity at the Waterfront. Access improvements will be needed to enable its redevelopment.

Policy DM46 Port of Ipswich

(5) Policy DM46 Port of Ipswich

Land is allocated for port related uses at the Ash Tip, Cliff Quay (site reference IP262).

5.46 Ipswich Port plays a significant role in the Ipswich economy, handling over 3 million tonnes of cargo a year. Since Ipswich Port Limited was bought by Associated British Ports in 1997, it has seen significant expansion. The extended West Bank handles primarily unitised cargo whereas the East Bank caters for bulk cargoes.

5.47 Ports have been identified by the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership as one of the key sectors which will drive the growth of the region in coming years. The Suffolk Growth Strategy 2013 also identifies that UK container traffic is likely to grow steadily over the next 15 years, as will opportunities arising through diversifying bulk-breaking and post-processing capabilities.

5.48 It is therefore important that land is safeguarded for the further expansion of the Port. The former Ash Tip site measures 3.12ha.

10 NPPF paragraph 47 11 Suffolk Growth Strategy SCC March 2013
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