Proposed Submission Core Strategy and Policies Development Plan Document Review

Ended on the 5 March 2015
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PART B: The Strategy

Strategic Spatial Approach

Policy CS1: Sustainable Development - Climate Change

Policy CS2: The Location and Nature of Development

Policy CS3: IP-One Area Action Plan

Policy CS4: Protecting our Assets

Policy CS5: Improving Accessibility

Policy CS6: The Ipswich Policy Area


Policy CS7: The Amount of New Housing Required

Policy CS8: Housing Type and Tenure

Policy CS9: Previously Developed Land

Policy CS10: Ipswich Garden Suburb

Policy CS11: Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation

Policy CS12: Affordable Housing


Policy CS13: Planning for Jobs Growth

Policy CS14: Retail Development and Main Town Centre Uses


Policy CS15: Education Provision


Policy CS16: Green Infrastructure, Sport and Recreation


Policy CS17: Delivering Infrastructure

Policy CS18: Strategic Flood Defence

Policy CS19: Provision of Health Services

Policy CS20: Key Transport Proposals

PART C: Development Management Policies

Sustainable Development

Policy DM1: Sustainable Design and Construction

Policy DM2: Decentralised Renewable or Low Carbon Energy

Policy DM3: Provision of Private Outdoor Amenity Space in New and Existing Developments

Flooding and Sustainable Drainage

Policy DM4: Development and Flood Risk

Urban Design Policies

Policy DM5: Design and Character

Policy DM6: Tall Buildings

Protecting Our Assets

Policy DM8: Heritage Assets and Conservation

Policy DM9: Buildings of Townscape Interest

Policy DM10: Protection of Trees and Hedgerows

Small Scale Residential Development

Policy DM12: Extensions to Dwellinghouses and Provision of Ancillary Buildings

Policy DM13: Small Scale Infill and Backland Residential Development

The Subdivision of Family Dwellings

Policy DM14: The Subdivision of Family Dwellings

Travel Demand Management

Policy DM17: Transport and Access in New Developments


Policy DM18: Car and Cycle Parking

Proposals in Retail Areas

Policy DM20: The Central Shopping Area

Policy DM21: District and Local Centres

Policy DM22: Town Centre Uses Outside the Central Shopping Area

Policy DM23: Retail Proposals outside Defined Centres

Affordable Housing

Policy DM24: Affordable Housing

Employment Land

Policy DM25: Protection of Employment Land


Policy DM26: Protection of Amenity

Policy DM27: Non-residential Uses in Residential Areas

Open Spaces, Sport and Recreation Facilities

Policy DM28: Protection of Open Spaces, Sport and Recreation Facilities

Policy DM29: Provision of New Open Spaces, Sport and Recreation Facilities

The Density of Residential Development

Policy DM30: The Density of Residential Development

Natural Environment

Policy DM31: The Natural Environment

Community Facilities

Policy DM32: Protection and Provision of Community Facilities

Countryside and Access

Policy DM33: Green Corridors

Policy DM34: Countryside

The following policies from the Ipswich Core Strategy and Policies development plan document adopted December 2011 have been deleted (and material incorporated into other policies as appropriate):

DM7 Public Art

DM11 Central Ipswich Skyline

DM15 Travel Demand Management

DM16 Sustainable Transport Modes

DM19 Cycle Parking

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