Strategic Environmental Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal (includes Non-Technical Summary)

Ended on the 13 March 2019
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  1. Appraisal of Policies

    1. Policies are proposed in the Core Strategy Review document and the Site Allocations and Policies Review document, including:
  • Ipswich Strategic Planning Area policies;
  • Core Strategy policies;
  • Site based policies; and
  • Development Management policies.
    1. Each policy proposed in the LPR documents has been assessed for its likely impacts on each SA Objective in Appendix D. In each, the policies performed very positively and would be highly likely to help facilitate sustainable development in Ipswich. The only policies for which adverse impacts were identified were those that allocate development in the Borough.

Table 6-1: Policies proposed in the Core Strategy Review and Site Allocations and Policies Review

Core Strategy Policies

Policy ISPA1 Growth in the Ipswich Strategic Planning Area

Policy ISPA2 Strategic Infrastructure Priorities

Policy ISPA3: Cross-boundary mitigation of effects on Protected Habitats

Policy ISPA4: Cross Boundary Working to Deliver Peripheral sites

Policy CS1: Presumption in favour of Sustainable Development

Policy CS2: The Location and Nature of Development

Policy CS3: IP-One Area Action Plan

Policy CS4: Protecting our Assets

Policy CS5: Improving Accessibility

Policy CS6: The Ipswich Policy Area

Policy CS7: The Amount of Housing Required

Policy CS8: Housing Type and Tenure

Policy CS9: Previously Developed Land

Policy CS10: Ipswich Garden Suburb

Policy CS11: Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation

Policy CS12: Affordable Housing

Policy CS13: Planning for Jobs Growth

Policy CS14: Retail Development and Main Town Centre Uses

Policy CS15: Education Provision

Policy CS16: Green Infrastructure, Sport and Recreation

Policy CS17: Delivering Infrastructure

Policy CS18: Strategic Flood Defence

Policy CS19: Provision of Health Services

Policy CS20: Key Transport Proposals

Development Management Policies

Policy DM1: Sustainable Construction

Policy DM2: Decentralised Renewable or Low Carbon Energy

Policy DM3: Air Quality

Policy DM4: Development and Flood Risk

Policy DM5: Protection of Open Spaces, Sport and Recreation

Policy DM6: Provision of New Open Spaces, Sport and Recreation Facilities

Policy DM7: Provision of Private Outdoor Amenity Space in New and Existing Developments

Policy DM8: The Natural Environment

Policy DM9: Protection of Trees and Hedgerows

Policy DM10: Green Corridors

Policy DM11: Countryside

Policy DM12: Design and Character

Policy DM13: Built Heritage and Conservation

Policy DM14: Archaeology

Policy DM15: Tall Buildings

Policy DM16: Extensions to Dwellings and the Provision of Ancillary Buildings

Policy DM17: Small Scale Infill and Backland Residential Developments

Policy DM18: Amenity

Policy DM19: The Subdivision of Family Dwellings

Policy DM20: Transport and Access in New Developments

Policy DM21: Car and Cycle Parking in New Development

Policy DM22: The Density of Residential Development

Policy DM23: Protection and Provision of Community Facilities

Policy DM24: Shopfront Design

Policy DM25: Advertisement

Policy DM26: The Central Shopping Area

Policy DM27: Arts, Culture and Tourism

Policy DM28: The Evening and Night-time Economy

Policy DM29: District and Local Centres

Policy DM30: Town Centre Uses Outside the Central Shopping Area

Policy DM31 Retail Proposals Outside Defined Centres

Policy DM32: Protection of Employment Land

Policy DM33: Delivery and Expansion of Digital Communications Networks

Site Allocations Policies

Policy SP1 The protection of allocated sites

Policy SP2 Land allocated for housing

Policy SP3 Land with planning permission or awaiting a Section 106

Policy SP5 Land allocated for employment use

Policy SP6 Land allocated and protected as open space

Policy SP7 Land allocated for leisure uses or community facilities

Policy SP8 Orwell Country Park Extension

Policy SP9 Safeguarding land for transport infrastructure

Policy SP10 Retail Site Allocation

Policy SP11 The Waterfront

Policy SP12 Education Quarter

Policy SP13 Portman Quarter

Policy SP15 Improving pedestrian and cycle routes

Policy SP16 Transport Proposals in IP-One

Policy SP17 Town Centre Car Parking

6.2 Conclusions and Recommendations

6.2.1 The results of the assessments of policies identified largely positive impacts for all SA Objectives. These are presented in Appendix D. Where adverse impacts were identified, recommendations for mitigation measures were made. Where policies could potentially have a greater positive impact on an SA Objective, recommendations for improving a policy's impact or maximising its positive impact were made. Overall, the range of strategy and development management policies would be expected to help ensure that development in Ipswich over the Plan-period is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. The cumulative and synergistic effects assessment in Chapter 8 considers the impact of these policies in combination with the proposed sites allocations.

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