Ipswich Borough Council Local Plan Core Strategy and Policies Development Plan Document Review - Final Draft

Ended on the 2 March 2020
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CHAPTER 3: The Local Enterprise Partnership

3.1 The New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (NALEP) was established in 2011 along with 38 other local enterprise partnerships in England. The NALEP area covers both Suffolk and Norfolk and is identified on Map 1 in this document. NALEP are focused on developing business sectors in this area to grow jobs in the region and remove barriers to business growth.

3.2 Policy CS13 of this Core Strategy supports the business sectors identified by NALEP and the Council. By cooperating with the County Council and the other Suffolk districts on the Suffolk Growth Strategy, the Council can support the development of jobs on sites in the Borough, identified in the Growth Strategy.

3.3 The NALEP Economic Strategy 2017 identifies nine key sectors for the East Anglian region, which have the potential to grow rapidly in terms of jobs and productivity. They include: advanced manufacturing and engineering; energy; information and communication technology, tech and digital creative; financial services and insurance; advanced agriculture food and drink; transport, freight and logistics; life sciences and biotech; visitor economy (tourism and culture); and construction and development. Other Sectors which are particularly well represented in Ipswich are: information and communication technology, finance and insurance, transport/ port and logistics, tourism and creative and cultural industries.

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