Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

Ended on the 30 October 2017
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Chapter 9 - Next Steps (Task A5)

9.1 The draft Scoping Report will be subject to a ten-week period of public consultation between 18th August and 30th October. 

9.2 In accordance with the national regulations and the Council's Statement of Community Involvement, the public consultation will have a specific focus on statutory agencies such as Historic England, Environment Agency and Natural England.  Input and consultation responses from other statutory and non-statutory stakeholders such as RSPB, Suffolk Wildlife Trust and neighbouring Local Authorities will also be invited.

9.3 In responding to this scoping report, we would appreciate a response to the following questions:

SA Q4. Have we captured the right information in our review of plans and programmes and production of baseline evidence and analysis?

  1. Have we missed any areas?
  2. Where is information on this/these topics available from?

SA Q5. Are the economic, social and environmental issues we have identified in this report relevant to the SA of the Ipswich Local Plan?

  1. Are there any issues you think we need to include?
  2. Are there any issues you think we need to exclude?

SA Q6. Do you agree with the proposed approach to the SA of the Local Plan?

  1. Do the SA objectives and guide questions that comprise the SA Framework cover a sufficient range of environmental, social and economic topics?
  2. Are there any objectives/guide questions which should be amended?
  3. Are there any other objectives/guide questions which we should include?

9.4 Any comments received during the consultation period will be taken into account and where relevant the Scoping Report will be revised and republished to reflect the representations ahead.

9.5 Should you have any comments on the Scoping Report, please email any comments or information you may have to planningpolicy@ipswich.gov.uk or alternatively post them to the following address:

Planning Policy

Planning and Development

Ipswich Borough Council

Grafton House

15-17 Russell Road



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